IT Solutions For the Future

We like to think about the future.

Because that’s when your business will be growing.

You need IT solutions that will support you no matter how or where it grows.

About Us

OpSys is a multi-disciplined team built around the core aim to improve your business. Partnering with OpSys lets you create an extended IT department, allowing you to benefit from our experience and skills.

Whilst we love our customers, we like to deliver a solution that makes you forget about us. We operate in the background, fixing things before they become a problem, OpSys allows you do what you do best- run your business. Though we don’t want you to forget about us entirely, let us know if you want to grab a coffee or play a round of golf. (Click here to organise a round of golf with OpSys. Or Here to see when we are free for a coffee.)

OpSys offers a range of IT solutions for your business, though we have national clients both big and small we work tirelessly for each of them supporting their success and growth.


  • Managed Service

    Having OpSys on the other end of the phone has helped many buinesses expand their in-house IT offering. Our managed service solution takes the stress out of IT support. Flexible enough to provide ongoing support for large and small businesses alike.

  • Virtualisation

    Infrastructure, Storage, Network, Desktops, Applications – everything that can be virtualised is being virtualised. This means more manageable smarter work places. Let us help you think about the future.

  • Mobilization

    9 to 5 is a thing of the past, OpSys can help your workforce to work anywhere, anytime on any device – securely. At OpSys we love it, right now we are at the home watching trashy reality TV (Of course, also doing super important work).

  • Security

    Its a scary world out there, businesses are only ever one click away from total catastrophe. OpSys has a long track record of providing piece of mind for buinesses, protecting both virtual and physical IT environments.

  • Cloud Services

    Everyone is talking about the cloud, its a big step for all businesses. Whether you need help getting to the cloud, or support once you are there OpSys has the skills and experience to help your business. Read more 

  • WiFi

    OpSys provides robust and secure Wi-Fi solutions for businesses nationally, its our bread and butter. Our solutions provide the security you need but are flexible enough to grow as your business grows.


When it comes to the cloud we know what we are talking about, we have led both large and small businesses, through these scary waters. OpSys is not only able to get you to the cloud but provide the ongoing support you need.


Desktops as a Service allows your company free itself from the constant refresh cycle and upkeep of PC’s. OpSys has the skills and experience to help your business run more efficiently. We know IT you know your business, having OpSys as a partner lets you work in your business not on your business.


If it all goes wrong and your backups fail what are you going to do? Start from scratch? Change your name and join the circus? Grow a beard and start an alpaca farm? OpSys’s Backups as a Service combines all the usual requirements (backup servers, software, agents, tape drives, tapes and consumables) into a simple single service backed up to our datacentres in Adelaide. Meaning local businessescan back up and running quicker.


OpSys are the first (and last) line of defense for your business. With a range of preemptive strategies, our security experience helps our clients sleep well at night.

OpSys has end to end security solutions to fit any type of business, our security offering is based on three simple points.

• Provide technology to detect and respond to threats
• Use intelligence from the front lines to avoid threats
• Deploy our expertise to provide the right response in any situation

Whilst we believe that prevention is the best option, and pride ourselves on the level of protection we can offer, things happen (You know Bill from accounting can’t resist those cheap pharmaceuticals from Canada). OpSys puts into place contingencies that has the expertise and experience to stop the onslaught and get Bill and your business up and going sooner.

Partners & Friends

We like working with our partners and friends, but OpSys is not going to push a product on you just so we can get our monthly bonus.  We take pride in finding the right solutions for your business. If you have a preffered supplier let us know and we can work with your IT strategy.