OpSys on compliance clock – cso.com.au

An Adelaide security specialist anticipates its new, hosted instance of enterprise-grade security software will drive strong demand from small to medium enterprises (SMEs) struggling to pay the “insane” costs required to run such platforms and staff the security operations centre (SOC) to support them.

OpSys, which has already established itself as a cybersecurity consultancy with strong ties to the South Australia-based defence industry, this month launched a hosted instance of FireEye’s Helix security platform that it is now reselling to SMBs on a per-endpoint basis.

The firm has also established a SOC to support its customers and is looking for more security staff – it currently employs a pair of FireEye-certified engineers – to join a team that is available to co-ordinate incident responses for even small businesses.

“We’ve been able to deliver a top-end enterprise platform to the SME space,” managing director Matthew Fabri told CSO Australia. Those capabilities are normally elusive not only because of their high licensing costs but because strong market demand has driven up the cost of specialised security staff to support them.

“If you look at what a top-end security specialist costs these days, the types of people you’re going to get to your business are only going to be there for a short amount of time,” Fabri said, noting that combining the licensing costs of a high-end security platform and the salaries of skilled security specialists had pushed the “insane cost of running a proper, secure facility” well into the six figures per year – well out of the reach of most SMEs. “These small businesses don’t have the millions of dollars to inject into a cybersecurity posture.”


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